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  • Deja Tu Ropa
  • Saman
  • Sage


  • Clavel Blanco

    Clavel Blanco is a tribute album dedicated to my grandmother, my family and my Spanish roots. Inspired by 'The Tibetan Book of Life and Death' and my research into different cultures and traditions around the world, this album talks about death and questions our way of life. Still in the intimacy of my guitar recorded with my K7 tape recorder, I explore other musical terrain: rhythms that look towards electronic music, arrangements for string ensemble, vocal tracks with the duo Black Lilys and singer Lisa Li-Lund…


  • Atlantic Bar

    I had the chance to compose with my dear friend François Simitchiev the OST of this beautiful documentary film by Fanny Molins. We explored a more folk oriented music to bring you in the intimacy of the south of France and the warmness of Nathalie and the regulars at the bar. It's been a lovely journey, composing, recording and mixing the whole music, working closely with Fanny and Remy (the editing master).
    We came to a point where the editing and the music were inspired by each other to give the final form to this film. And finally heading to Le Festival de Cannes 2022 where the film has been shown for the first time, meeting the characters and make memories to last a lifetime with my friends.
    Also selected at « Les César 2024 » for the best documentary.

    « La musique (…) achève de conférer au documentaire sa beauté"
    Anne Schneider for “Le mag du ciné”

    Watch the film

  • Sage

    "SAGE" is my first solo EP. Although some of the themes that run throughout the record were born ten years ago, it took all this maturation to give birth to them fully.
    The EP was recorded in five days, in a concert hall in the heart of Lyon closed due to covid restrictions. This snapshot of time needed to be taken in a real place; I had to hear the cars passing in the distance, I had to close a chapter of the book that inspires me so much, ("L'Usage du vide" by Romain Graziani) and play an arpeggio immediately. It was necessary to vividly capture the moment exactly as it was.
    It has also been a huge honor to work with Ian Dowling (Grammy winning producer and mixing engineer) and Ed Kenny with their London based label At swim.

    « Avec beaucoup de sensibilité et de poésie, le délicat Jason Del Campo distille sa musique cinématographique... »
    Florence Moreau for Radio France

    Listen to Sage


Other projects

  • Slogan

    Slogan is the projet of my dear friends Nicolas Steib (whom I work with on a lot of stuff - he created the artwork for my album Clavel Blanco) and the singer Clemence Cremer (she is my digital marketing queen), I recorded, mixed and co-directed the artistic direction of they first EP : Le fond de la classe ! Go check their fresh French pop music:

  • Ti’kaniki

    I love this collective and it’s always a pleasure to work with them. I mixed a few years ago their live session in the beautiful scene of Lyon : L’opéra Underground !
    And their last track in collaboration with the singer Marcel Philéas (Groove Lélé)

  • Danilo

    I’ve been lucky to engineer some guitar recording and to mix the whole EP. Danilo is a friend and member of our collective in Lyon. Go check his indy French crooner music :

  • O.U.M.P.H

    Oumph is a Techno Fanfare Band based in Geneva, I had the pleasure to record, produce and mix their upcoming EP. Raw energy, refined arrangement, stay tuned for their new music !


  • Black Lilys

    Cam and Rob are beautiful humans ! I love working with them ! Our collaboration on the song Twenty Two which will be released on the 5th of April on my album Clavel Blanco was smooth as It can be and inspired us to do it all over again. So we are working together on their new upcoming album :)